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Christmas Party at Safe House

Banner_mrFor security reasons we cannot show faces. Click on picture to enlarge

What a privilege we had last week to give a Christmas party at the Safe House. A couple that has a helped support both the Bible club in Benin and the one at the Safe House donated money to throw a Christmas party. They wanted these kids to know that they are loved and to understand that Jesus is the greatest gift of all. While in the states Micah Joy, Miriam and I had a great time shopping for this party. We found t-shirts for all of the kids in over 20 colors! We bought age and language appropriate bibles, small toys, blankets, underwear and candy. We had bags made so that they keep their things in it. We bought activity books, puzzles and wall art for their school room. We bought a fisher price nativity set that they can use to retell the Christmas story.

Miriam was so excited about blessing these kids she asked her school if she could skip an afternoon of classes. They graciously allowed her so Miriam took a taxi for the 45 minute commute to be able to help with the party. Micah Joy had a field hockey game and since she is a starter (go Micah Joy) for varsity she could not miss. But she wanted to!

We first had a meal together. They had all of the meat they could eat along with potatoes, salads, spinach (a favorite staple here) and fruit. They even had a bottle of pop which was a first for many of them. I still laugh thinking about their surprised faces when they experienced the bubbles.

We then showed a beautiful video of the Christmas story and discussed it using the new nativity set. Then it was time for presents. They were so happy!

We also brought along craft supplies another family had given to the Safe House. When we showed the big box of supplies they cheered!

Mission accomplished! They feel very loved and they know that the greatest gift of all is Jesus, God’s son.

Blessings, Donna

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