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Doing What We Love

Today is Madaraka Day in Kenya. The day that Kenyans celebrate their independence/ freedom from England. Today I also start a new Bible club in Kihoto, a low income area just down the hill from our house. We choose to start today because of Madaraka Day. Both at the Safe House and Kihoto I will talk with the kids about the freedom we have in Christ. Please pray for these two clubs!

On Friday I will pick up our two girls and four others, for whom we are in country guardians, to host them for RVA’s mid-term break. My freezer and pantry are full of food. When you ask them what they want to do for the 4 days they always say something that revolves around food. What a joy to have these kids at our house!

In addition, on Sunday the children at church will perform a musical we have been working on the last several months. We have about 30 very excited kids.

In the midst of all of this, I am writing for curriculum. Please pray that I would have uninterrupted time to dedicate to this!

A busy week doing what we love!

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