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Children’s Ministry and an Unforgettable December Opportunity

I just wanted to share what God is doing on our side of the pond recently. About 2 months ago a Kenyan friend and I started a bible club in her neighborhood. We held it under a tree and tons of kids came but it was quite chaotic. After praying about this we decided to do it in her compound with fewer kids so that the group could grow a culture of its own. We have since moved to a local school compound . Every week it is growing, This week we had about 90 kids. I know this because I bought 75 oranges and ran out! Parents often come to make sure that their kids are safe and hearing truth something that they cannot take for granted! Just before we hand out the snack we close the gate otherwise masses of kids run in, shove and push to get a piece of fruit.

In October I will be teaching a Children’s Evangelism Class. I have recently turned in all of the syllabuses for approval at Africa Theological Seminar (ATS) and am ready to start teaching the classes! I am also working with Walk Through the Bible in developing a culturally appropriate Sunday School curriculum to go with their program.

Would you like an opportunity to have a different experience in December? I guarantee it would change your perspective on the holidays!

In mid-December ATS is sponsoring a youth camp. Is this something you or your church might be interested in helping us with? It will be about 250 kids between the ages of 9 and 14 (give or take). It is 2 full days and 2 half days. We would like a main speaker (4 sessions), worship leader or team, and if possible about 5 or 6 break-out and recreation leaders. National adults/Sunday School teachers will come with the kids. The time when everyone is together is under a big open sided tent with electricity and sound system. Interested? Please pray about your involvement and let us know soon!

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