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Micah’s Photography


Hello, my name is Micah Cox, but I guess that many of those reading would already know this fact. You probably also know that I love animals, reading, field hockey, photography, and swing-dancing (maybe not this one, it’s a new hobby). A question that often gets asked when people hear about my loves is why? I mean, field hockey and swing-dancing? Well, God has gifted me and driven me to love doing unique and different things. One day I will write more about this, however today is not that day.  Today, I want to talk about photography.

Photography is a way of communication to me. It’s a way to show others how I see the world. A way to speak without words, to cross cultural boundaries, barriers, and languages. Photography is universal. Which is why I decided to launch a photography website (micahcox.smugmug.com [1]). I wanted to show how I see the world through pictures, so please go and look.

If you find some photos that you like, there are a number of options to purchase them. The most economical options are to order a print that you can frame yourself or to order a download that you can use a screensaver. The art aficionado will find more expensive options like specially coated dye infused aluminum sheets, which are super awesome or photos printed on canvas, also really cool. The purchases will help me pay for my camera and have some money for college.

Please share my site with as many people as you wish.  I want to share my photography with the world, to provide a different perspective, communicating without words, because as it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words.


PS Below are a couple low resolution photos (for our friends with limited bandwidth) to enjoy. More photos in high resolution are at micahcox.smugmug.com [1]

photos [1]