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What’s up with Donna

Today is an update on me, Donna. Too much is going on with the family for one update so I will break it down a bit. First off thanks for praying for my trip to see my family. My dad rallied and had several great days. He talked, laughed, asked questions, went to church, we read Hank the Cowdog together… I could not have asked for a better gift! So blessed! By the time I left he had regressed back to his normal sleepy state.

In addition to seeing my dad I spent time with many other family members including Nehemiah. So, so good. I really miss my man-boy but am very grateful for phones and the Internet.

Now back in Kenya I am busy with several projects in addition to my normal routine. I am still writing curriculum, doing Bible Clubs and Bible Studies but there are some new projects as well! We are in the process of renovating the Safe House Courtyard. I am overseeing this project that is funded by a group in Florida. A big stretch for me but I am loving it.

We also have a short-termer coming from Texas that will be helping develop a Children’s Reading Room at the seminary as well as working on a Safe House website. The Reading Room will have good children’s books both in English and Ki Swahili, puzzles and simple games. Since the majority of schools here do not have libraries we see this as a huge need. We are so excited about the possibilities! Thanks to all that give to the children’s ministry fund that is helping to make these projects possible! Are you looking for a VBS project? We would love to help you out!

Sorry there are no pictures. My phone no longer takes decipherable pics:(

Love what God is doing!