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Together Again


Together_1This Christmas the Cox family had the wonderful blessing of once again being together and enjoying some family activities (like watching Star Wars). Donna, Paul and Miriam start their transition to the USA and would appreciate your prayers.
For those of you who have missed the news about the Cox family move to the USA, in short we will keep teaching at Africa Theological Seminary, but be based in the USA. Here is a link to our November e-Newsletter with the details. If you support the Cox family your continued support would be appreciated.

Once we are a bit more settled, more details will be sent.

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Letter from President of ICM about the Cox Family


After prayer and discussions with family, friends, and International Christian Ministries (ICM), Paul and Donna will be moving to the USA. After discussing options with myself and more discussions with the International Coordinator of ICM Africa, Rev. Stephen Mairori, it was decided that Paul and Donna will remain with ICM.

They will continue as teaching staff for Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) but based in the USA. This means they will travel to Africa in order to fulfill their obligations of teaching courses at the seminary.  While in the US they will also write and focus on raising scholarships for the many students needing assistance.

Being in the USA will enable Paul and Donna to help their children make the transition to college and university.  Growing up in Africa has been a blessing for the kids, but transitions are always difficult.  They will also be near their parents to assist them as they face the challenges of aging.

Both Donna and Paul play an important role in helping ATS move forward as a regional seminary committed to discipling leaders across denominations.  Your continued support for them and their family will enable them to carry on with their calling.  After 14 years on the field the transition to USA living will be a challenge so please remember them in your prayers as they make this transition and continue serving God both in the USA and in Africa.

If you are currently supporting Paul and Donna please continue to do so. If you are not supporting them please take a few minutes and ask the Lord how you might become part of their team!

Support Paul and Donna

Yours in grace,

Phil Walker
President of ICM

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Moving to the USA


Moving to the USA

About a year ago I was at a small women’s retreat with my church in Kenya.  I was introduced to the song Take Courage: He’s in the Waiting (see lyrics below).  I remember praying then “How long God will we be waiting for work permits? Help our family to stay steadfast until You answer.” So often I would sing this song especially verse one and the chorus.  Fast track a year and it became clear a time frame was needed for a decision since there had not been any positive progress on the permits.  We are confident that God has answered! The Cox family is moving to the USA.  As I type this bittersweet tears are flowing. We will miss our beloved Africa!  At the same time we welcome this season to be near our adulting children and our aging parents.  We are at peace! Now I am singing verse two!

What does this move look like?  There are still many unknowns but the plan is for us to return to Kenya  to say goodbyes and sell all of our belongings. We will return to the USA late November.  By the end of November Miriam will have enough credits to graduate from RVA. We are hoping to continue working with International Christian Ministries and Africa Theological Seminary being based in the USA. We would continue raising support and probably be based in Texas. The details are being worked out and we will let you know the plan in the near future. Paul flies to Kenya in a few days and I return to Kenya at the end of the month.

Blessings, Donna


Please Pray For:


  • Good byes
  • That the three of us will finish well our time in Kenya
  • Selling of belongings
  • Starting over (home, car, furniture, etc…)
  • God has answered the question of what is next!
  • So far, positive support of the move
  • All three kids are in a good “place”

Take Courage: He’s in the Waiting

Click to Watch Video

Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2
Slow down, take time
Breathe in He said
He’d reveal what’s to come
The thoughts in His mind
Always higher than mine
He’ll reveal all to come
Take courage, my heart
Stay steadfast, my soul
He’s in the waiting
He’s in the waiting
And hold onto your hope
As your triumph unfolds
He’s never failing
He’s never failing
Sing praise, my soul
Find strength in joy
Let His words lead you on
Do not forget
His great faithfulness
He’ll finish all He’s begun
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Summer is rapidly coming to a close and there has been no word on our work permits. As you remember from the last prayer blog, if our work permits are not granted by the end of summer, we will explore other options of working with ICM and ATS. God may be closing the door in Kenya as a means for us to be closer to aging parents and kids transitioning to adulthood or He may grant the permits in the ninth hour. Donna and I remain at peace about wherever God is going to take us.

Nehemiah starts a new job with Ford Audio Visual next week installing A/V systems. He is pretty excited about the new job. Micah Joy has settled into university life at Oklahoma State University and is doing well. Miriam is back in Kenya and has started her senior year at Rift Valley Academy.

Donna and I remain in the USA. I have been able to find all the remaining literature for my PhD while Donna has supported Micah Joy settling in and has visited universities with Miriam. We both have been able to spend some time with our families. I will head back to Kenya in a couple of weeks and Donna will return in about a month. We will either be returning to continue teaching or to pack up.

Thanks in advance for your prayers concerning our future.

Grace & Peace — Paul


The Cox Girls

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Work Permit Update

My work permit renewal has been in process for 16 months. ICM, ATS, Donna and I have been asking what is God’s purpose in this? Realizing that God could have other plans, we have decided that if our work permits are not granted by the end of the summer, then we will explore other options of working with ICM and ATS. Aging parents and kids transiting to adulthood are other factors to consider. We will share more as the Lord provides clarity.

2017.07.17_P&DI have also applied for another special pass so that I could teach classes while waiting on my work permit. It has yet to be granted. Donna and I are viewing this as an opportunity for me catch up on my PhD. Hence, I am returning to the USA this week with Donna and the girls to access better theological libraries.

Please pray that the Lord would accomplish what He wants. Donna and I have a peace about however this work outs.

Grace & Peace — Paul

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Drama Awards


This year both Micah Joy and Miriam were acknowledged by the Rift Valley Academy drama department. Micah Joy was given the Senior Drama Award for running lights. She has done lights for every high school play in the last four years. This year Miriam lettered in drama for her numerous roles over the last three years. Congrats to both girls.

Changing topics, on July 12 in morning (Kenya time) I have a meeting with ATS’ leadership to discuss my work permit. Your prayers for this meeting would be appreciated.

Grace & Peace — Paul

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Immigration Meeting Update

We praise God that the meeting happened. It was significantly delayed and at one point we thought that it was not going to happen. We are thankful that the meeting had a very positive tone and we were warmly received. We also thank God that Donna’s work permit renewal is at a good place. We had hoped that the work permit process could have been fast tracked, but alas it is going to take some more time. Pray that God speeds the process.

I am to teach a class later this month. Since my work permit is not ready, I am applying for a Special Pass (it is a three month temporary work permit that allows me to teach without violating immigration laws). Pray that it is granted in time for me to teach.

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Meeting with Immigration

On Tuesday morning, June 13 (Monday night in the US) Donna and I have a meeting with Kenyan Immigration about our work permits. As many of your know, my work permit application has been quite a process and Donna’s current work permit expires on Friday (June 16). Pray that we will find favor.

There have been a number of things on hold depending on the outcome with immigration (like figuring out who is taking Micah Joy back to the States to start university). So in addition to praying for favor with immigration pray for clarity on how we need to proceed with all the things that have been on hold.

On another topic, I have fallen behind on my work on my PhD. Pray for God’s grace in getting caught up and for the administrative steps required to do this.

Lastly, there are a couple of things for which we praise God. First, last weekend we had a great time with our girls and all the kids for whom we are guardians. Second, we have a college senior, Gracie, spending five weeks with us experiencing life and Kenya with us. It has been wonderful to have Gracie with us. Below is a picture of our girls, guardian kids, Gracie and me.

Grace & Peace — Paul

Midterm Gang

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Donna’s Dad on Hospice / Paul’s Work Permit

Donna’s Dad has been put on Hospice. Donna is heading back to the USA for five weeks to spend some time with her dad and help her mom. She will continue her part time work on a Sunday School curriculum while there.

If Paul’s work permit is not granted in the next few days he will have to leave Kenya early next week for at least a couple of weeks. Hence it is possible that both Paul and Donna could be in the USA for a time.

Please pray for Donna and her family as they deal with her dad’s earthly life coming to a close. Pray for the situation with Paul’s work permit and the timing of when it is issued.

Donna with her parents and siblings. Christmas 2012

Donna with her parents and siblings. Christmas 2012

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What we Learned and a Request

Below are a couple of two minute videos from my Theology III class. One is a student discussing what we learned. The other is a student whom I have not had before sharing her prayer request. I hope you enjoy them.

What we Learned

If the video above does not work here is a link
2017 ATS Theology III What we Learned


If the video above does not work here is a link
2017 ATS Theology III Request