A Long Time Coming

L. at ATS in Kenya

L. at ATS in Kenya

Those of you who are astute long time readers of my blog will remember L (real name with held for security reasons). While I was in Benin he was one of the key leaders on the TWR team in Benin. L. has remained with TWR and has continued to grow both in faith and ministry responsibilities.

Two things impressed me about L. when I arrived in Benin, one, was his desire to know and apply the truths of Scripture. Two, was his potential to lead. An important factor for both of these things is English. The amount of theological resources in English is significantly greater than the resources in French. In addition, being able to communicate globally in English will be an important skill for L.

For many years it has been my dream to see L. have the chance to study the Bible in English and this year the Lord opened the door for L. to study at Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) here in Kenya. Since ATS works on an in-service model where those in ministry can continue in ministry while attending the seminary L. is able to keep working with TWR in Benin, study the Bible at greater depths and master English.

L. is currently at ATS for a number of intensive classes before he heads back to Benin. Praise God that this opportunity has opened up for L. Pray for L. as he deepens his knowledge of God’s Word and is immersed in English. Lastly thank the Lord for the sweet reunion and ability to reconnect with L. in person.


Bad Place

Paul discusses being in a bad place and how God’s grace moves us to better places.

Elements of Greek Student’s Prayer Requests

Here are my Elements of Greek students introducing themselves and sharing prayer requests. Thanks for your continued prayers for them. (For those who want to skip the video, below it you will find pictures and prayer requests.)

Link to Video:

vlcsnap-00002 Pas. Sammy Galiavo Anaya
Pentecostal Assemblies of God
Pray for the discipling and equipping of leaders


Rev. Simion Tarus
Anglican Church of Kenya
Pray for church unity and prosperity in the Word


vlcsnap-00004 Pas. Mary Chepkonga
Africa Inland Church Kenya
Pray for unity of the Word of God so that it will spread


Pas. Chamwada Nicholas
Pentecostal Assemblies of God
Pray for financial breakthrough for us to pursue education


vlcsnap-00006 Pas. Koech Erickson
Pentecostal Assemblies of God
Pray for pursuit of Master’s degree and church development


Pas. Esther Maswai
Africa Inland Church Kenya
Pray for strength to commute to minister in a rural area


vlcsnap-00008 Jacob Chepkoror Miti – Evangelist
Africa Gospel Church of Kenya
Pray for the paying of fees and to reach the unreached


Rev. Hudson Chepkui Musamusi
Pentecostal Assemblies of God
Pray for Kenya and the issue of corruption


vlcsnap-00010 Rev. Edward Nyangali Kefa
Christian Reformed Church in Eastern Africa
Pray that Elements of Greek can be a longer course

Struggling with Greek — It Just Takes Longer — Upgrade-Downgrade

A number of my Elements of Greek students are really struggling with the material and the pace of the class. Pray that God would strengthen them and help them with their endeavors to more accurately teach and preach God’s Word.

Donna and I have to remind ourselves that things just take longer here in Africa. So when we were told, at the beginning of January, that our rental house would be ready in three weeks, we took that to mean it will probably be five or six weeks. Well, we are now on week eight and we are not sure how much longer it will take. Suitcase living is getting a bit old!

Some of the delays have been the typical finishing a house things (waiting on the electric company to connect power, trouble getting a contractor to finish, etc…). Other delays, … well … lets just credit them to living in a fallen world. Pray for Donna and I to have rightful attitudes, perspectives and words. Pray that our house would be ready soon.

The other thing that has taken longer than we planned is shipping my motorcycle to Kenya. While I was in the States I bought a motorcycle and crated it up to be shipped to Kenya (motorcycles are crazy expensive in Kenya). Another thing that has taken much longer than planned is finding a shipper to move it from Callisburg, Texas to Nairobi, Kenya. Hopefully we are close to getting it shipped. Ask God to help complete the final details of the shipping.

Lastly, one of our desires is to be able to more easily visit our students where they minister. Some of these places can be difficult to access due to poor roads, especially in the rainy season. So we are in the process of a vehicle upgrade-downgrade. The plan is to sell our vehicle, add in an additional $6,000 and then upgrade to a more robust four-wheel drive (with winch). To put this endeavor within our means, we are downgrading the interior creature comforts. This downgrade also makes the vehicle more practical in that you can load up a bunch of people with mud on their boots without worrying about the interior and simply wash the mud out with a hose.

Praise God with us for the means for this upgrade-downgrade. Pray for all the logistics of this deal. We believe we have a buyer for our current vehicle and we have found a great used four-wheel drive that is in good condition and within our means. If any of you are interested in helping with this endeavor financially, funds can be given to our Ministry Expense account. Details of giving to this account (and giving to our other accounts) can be found at

We are often reminded by what a great team of encouragers we have; prayer, notes financial, etc… We are blessed! Thank You!

Grace & Peace — Paul


One RVA tradition is Junior / Senior banquet (think prom with dinner theater and no dancing). Every year the Juniors, with parental aid, put on a banquet for the Seniors and the Sophomores serve at the banquet. This past weekend was the big Junior / Senior banquet. Donna and I enjoyed helping Micah Joy’s class with the preparations and banquet. Given that at one point I was pretty good at doing sound, I was asked to do sound for the banquet, hence I was one of the few parents to attend. Miriam was a server for the banquet. Below are a few pictures. For those (like grandmothers) who would like to see more pictures you can view them at

Coming soon: The blog “It Just Takes Longer” which will update you on a number of things that are taking longer than we planned or hoped (including getting the blog ready).

On Saturday I start teaching Elements of Greek at the seminary. Please pray for this class (more on this will also come soon).

Grace & Peace — Paul




Students Prayer Requests

Here is a video where my New Testament Biblical Theology students introduce themselves and share prayer requests. (For those with limited bandwidth or those who just prefer reading text, the prayer request are summarized below the video.)

Link to video:


Rev. Julius Obillo Rev. Obillo has a passion to continue with his education by pursuing a masters degree. Pray that God will give the grace and resources to accomplish this dream.


Bro. Isige requests prayer in changing people’s thinking and culture. Bro. Martin Isige


Pas. Esau Naibei Pray for Rev. Naibei as he lays down structures for his new church. There are many challenges (finances, man power, etc…) Also pray that the Lord may strengthen Rev. Naibei and give him the vision to lead the church in the right direction.


Pray that God may give Rev. Khaemba grace and favor in ministry. Rev. Benson Khaemba


Rev. Robert Aluda Pray that Rev. Aluda may have a vision to reach more people.


Pray for the protection and provision for this missionary and her family as they try to reach muslims. Missionary to Northeast Kenya


Pas. Ashivaga Leonard Pas. Ashivaga requests prayer for strength that he may serve the church with all his heart. Also pray for him as he would like to find a way of helping his church members attend ATS so that they can also learn.


Pas. Wambia request prayer for help so that his church can stand. Pray for church members, children and others so that God can grow the church according to his purpose. Pas. Abraham Wambia

Thanks for praying.

Grace & Peace — Paul

Church Tour Wrapping Up: Last stop (we think) is tomorrow in Honor, MI

Tomorrow (Nov 15) Paul will be at Honor Congregational Church in Honor, MI. You are very welcome to join Paul for some time in God’s word and for some stories of Africa. The service starts at 11PM. See map.

We praise God for all the great visits that we have had with churches and friends. Pray for us as we try meet up with all the people we have missed or not been able to see. Also pray for wisdom as we start to think about wrapping up our time in the States.

Below is a recent picture of some dear friends, Joe and Edna Miller, and our table at Orangewood Presbyterian Church. Joe taught me how to work on short wave transmitters and Edna helped Donna with our children when we first started our missionary journey as a family in Swaziland back in 1999.

The Cox and Miller Families

Joe & Edna Miller and Paul & Donna Cox

The Coxes in Phoenix at Orangewood Presbyterian Church

Tomorrow (Nov. 8) we will be at Orangewood Presbyterian Church. We will give greetings in the 9:00AM and 10:30AM service. At 11:45AM after the second service we will give a presentation about our ministry. If you are in the Phoenix area please drop by and see us. See map.

Praise God with us for the great opportunities that we have had to share from God’s word and about the work of Africa Theological Seminary. Pray with us as we continue to share with more churches and people. Pray that we will be able to help people catch a vision for what God is doing.


The Coxes at Calvary Chapel Sun City (El Paso) Tomorrow and our Amazing God

If you are in the El Paso area please come and see us at Calvary Chapel Sun City (services at 9 and 11 – We are looking forward to a great day worshiping our Savior together. See map.

Thank you for your prayers over the past several weeks. At the beginning of October we asked for prayer for working through some relationships. Distance and time away had taken its toll. Praise be to God that He worked in some of these relationships beyond what we would have ever imagined. We are (once again) amazed at what God did.

Pray for us as we work on figuring out ways to minimize the distance and time in all our relationships.


Paul Will Preach at New Covenant Church Tomorrow – Matthew 28:16-20

Donna and I are very excited about tomorrow (Oct. 25) and the opportunity to preach Matthew 28:16-20 at New Covenant Church (NCC). Some 16 years ago, NCC sent us to go and make disciples in Africa. Tomorrow, I will share some about our journey, Africa and, by God’s grace, encourage others to go and make disciples. If you are in the Albuquerque area, Donna and I would love for you to come. There are two services, one at 9:00AM and one at 10:45AM. See map.

After the second service, there will be a Fall Fiesta at NCC with a cookout, Mariachi, fresh roasted green chili, jumpers, and activities for the kids. The event is free and all are welcome. For more info see: