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Work Permit Update

My work permit renewal has been in process for 16 months. ICM, ATS, Donna and I have been asking what is God’s purpose in this? Realizing that God could have other plans, we have decided that if our work permits are not granted by the end of the summer, then we will explore other options of working with ICM and ATS. Aging parents and kids transiting to adulthood are other factors to consider. We will share more as the Lord provides clarity.

2017.07.17_P&DI have also applied for another special pass so that I could teach classes while waiting on my work permit. It has yet to be granted. Donna and I are viewing this as an opportunity for me catch up on my PhD. Hence, I am returning to the USA this week with Donna and the girls to access better theological libraries.

Please pray that the Lord would accomplish what He wants. Donna and I have a peace about however this work outs.

Grace & Peace — Paul

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Drama Awards


This year both Micah Joy and Miriam were acknowledged by the Rift Valley Academy drama department. Micah Joy was given the Senior Drama Award for running lights. She has done lights for every high school play in the last four years. This year Miriam lettered in drama for her numerous roles over the last three years. Congrats to both girls.

Changing topics, on July 12 in morning (Kenya time) I have a meeting with ATS’ leadership to discuss my work permit. Your prayers for this meeting would be appreciated.

Grace & Peace — Paul

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Immigration Meeting Update

We praise God that the meeting happened. It was significantly delayed and at one point we thought that it was not going to happen. We are thankful that the meeting had a very positive tone and we were warmly received. We also thank God that Donna’s work permit renewal is at a good place. We had hoped that the work permit process could have been fast tracked, but alas it is going to take some more time. Pray that God speeds the process.

I am to teach a class later this month. Since my work permit is not ready, I am applying for a Special Pass (it is a three month temporary work permit that allows me to teach without violating immigration laws). Pray that it is granted in time for me to teach.

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Meeting with Immigration

On Tuesday morning, June 13 (Monday night in the US) Donna and I have a meeting with Kenyan Immigration about our work permits. As many of your know, my work permit application has been quite a process and Donna’s current work permit expires on Friday (June 16). Pray that we will find favor.

There have been a number of things on hold depending on the outcome with immigration (like figuring out who is taking Micah Joy back to the States to start university). So in addition to praying for favor with immigration pray for clarity on how we need to proceed with all the things that have been on hold.

On another topic, I have fallen behind on my work on my PhD. Pray for God’s grace in getting caught up and for the administrative steps required to do this.

Lastly, there are a couple of things for which we praise God. First, last weekend we had a great time with our girls and all the kids for whom we are guardians. Second, we have a college senior, Gracie, spending five weeks with us experiencing life and Kenya with us. It has been wonderful to have Gracie with us. Below is a picture of our girls, guardian kids, Gracie and me.

Grace & Peace — Paul

Midterm Gang

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Donna’s Dad on Hospice / Paul’s Work Permit

Donna’s Dad has been put on Hospice. Donna is heading back to the USA for five weeks to spend some time with her dad and help her mom. She will continue her part time work on a Sunday School curriculum while there.

If Paul’s work permit is not granted in the next few days he will have to leave Kenya early next week for at least a couple of weeks. Hence it is possible that both Paul and Donna could be in the USA for a time.

Please pray for Donna and her family as they deal with her dad’s earthly life coming to a close. Pray for the situation with Paul’s work permit and the timing of when it is issued.

Donna with her parents and siblings. Christmas 2012

Donna with her parents and siblings. Christmas 2012

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What we Learned and a Request

Below are a couple of two minute videos from my Theology III class. One is a student discussing what we learned. The other is a student whom I have not had before sharing her prayer request. I hope you enjoy them.

What we Learned

If the video above does not work here is a link
2017 ATS Theology III What we Learned


If the video above does not work here is a link
2017 ATS Theology III Request

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Theology III Christology and Pneumatology


In the next few days I will be wrapping up Theology III (the study of Christ and the Holy Spirit). My students and I (pictured above) have had a wonderful time looking at these important aspects of Christianity. All but one student (Teresa) were in my Elements of Greek class last year and two Elements of Greek students from last year were not in this class. You can see the 2016 Elements of Greek students and their prayer requests at Hopefully I can do a video with Teresa in the next day or two so you can meet her and hear her prayer requests.

Pray that the truths of who Christ is, who the Holy Spirit is, what They have done, what They are doing and what They will do takes hold. Pray that how my students live and minister will be different based on this. Lastly continue to pray for Nehemiah as he continues to figure out “how to adult” and for my work permit.

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Long Time Coming



In 2015 when the Cox family was on furlough I purchased a motorcycle in the US, crated it up and then it was shipped in early 2016. There are many times when having two vehicles would make our lives much simpler (like when I am teaching in Kitale and Donna is in Naivasha). All vehicles here in Kenya are crazy expensive (including motorcycles) and many sellers are less than honest. So the hope was to get a reliable motorcycle more economically by purchasing state side and shipping. Well after 294 days the crate, quite literally, arrived at my doorstep.

The next step is to get the bike reregistered in Kenya. I need a few more documents from the shipper before I can submit the registration. After which, I hope and pray that the registration does not take too long.

A huge shout out goes to the Callisburg team who helped with the crate.

Praise God with us that the crate and its contents arrived safely. Pray for the registration process. Lastly, please continue to pray that my work permit would be approved.

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New Testament Introduction Student’s Prayer Requests

Here is a video of my New Testament Introduction students sharing their prayer request. Below the video you will find the prayer request should you want to skip the video. Thank for praying for them.

Link to the video: 2016 ATS New Testament Introduction

vlcsnap-00001 Rev. Anne Jeruto
Serves with Anglican Church
Pray for finances for masters degree


Linet Chebet
Agape Fellowship Center
Pray that God will help me to offer healing to my community


vlcsnap-00003 Tabitha Wambui
Nurse / Counselor at technical school
Pray for behavioral change and Christian movements at school


Rev. Vincent Rono
African Gospel Church
Pray that God would give me wisdom to nurture a young church


vlcsnap-00005 Pr. Mwangi Ndungu Joe
Community Baptist Church & Build the Village
Pray that God enables me to convey His message


Virginia Webale
African Gospel Church
Pray that I may be a better vessel as I serve in the church


vlcsnap-00007 Leah Nyaosi
Christ is the Way Ministry
Pray that God will help me as I reach to different groups of people


Bro. Evans Otwane
Church of Christ
Pray for our church as we continue serving the Lord


vlcsnap-00009 Rev. Alfred Kunguro
Anglican Church
Pray for wisdom, knowledge & understanding as I shepherd God’s flock


Mr. Simbolei Sammy Kipkoech
Counselor / Teacher YEMIT Boy’s High School
Pray that I can develop a counseling service based on God’s word


vlcsnap-00011 Pr. Julia Karonei
Africa Inland Church
Pray that God helps me as His vessel to minister the Gospel
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Meeting Update

Thanks for all your prayers for my meeting today. In short, I would say my day was providential and that the meeting with immigration was OK. Due to my case being entangled with another case, I was able to meet a gentleman who works in advocacy and helping ensure good governance. Really a great guy and I am very thrilled to have met him.

My case was untangled from the other, which was good. There was a missing letter in my file, a few inadvertent mistakes and there were some things with my application that were aggressively questioned. My case will now go to a committee for review. Please continue to pray for this process.

In the mean time, I have two days to get a 90 day extension so I can stay in Kenya. Most of the time, it is pretty easy to get this 90 day extension, especially if one’s case in under review.

If all of this was not enough excitement for one day, another issue that needs our attention surfaced this evening. Pray for wisdom and grace as we work through this.

Grace & Peace — Paul