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Long Time Coming



In 2015 when the Cox family was on furlough I purchased a motorcycle in the US, crated it up and then it was shipped in early 2016. There are many times when having two vehicles would make our lives much simpler (like when I am teaching in Kitale and Donna is in Naivasha). All vehicles here in Kenya are crazy expensive (including motorcycles) and many sellers are less than honest. So the hope was to get a reliable motorcycle more economically by purchasing state side and shipping. Well after 294 days the crate, quite literally, arrived at my doorstep.

The next step is to get the bike reregistered in Kenya. I need a few more documents from the shipper before I can submit the registration. After which, I hope and pray that the registration does not take too long.

A huge shout out goes to the Callisburg team who helped with the crate.

Praise God with us that the crate and its contents arrived safely. Pray for the registration process. Lastly, please continue to pray that my work permit would be approved.

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