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Theology III Christology and Pneumatology


In the next few days I will be wrapping up Theology III (the study of Christ and the Holy Spirit). My students and I (pictured above) have had a wonderful time looking at these important aspects of Christianity. All but one student (Teresa) were in my Elements of Greek class last year and two Elements of Greek students from last year were not in this class. You can see the 2016 Elements of Greek students and their prayer requests at Hopefully I can do a video with Teresa in the next day or two so you can meet her and hear her prayer requests.

Pray that the truths of who Christ is, who the Holy Spirit is, what They have done, what They are doing and what They will do takes hold. Pray that how my students live and minister will be different based on this. Lastly continue to pray for Nehemiah as he continues to figure out “how to adult” and for my work permit.

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