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Meeting with Immigration

On Tuesday morning, June 13 (Monday night in the US) Donna and I have a meeting with Kenyan Immigration about our work permits. As many of your know, my work permit application has been quite a process and Donna’s current work permit expires on Friday (June 16). Pray that we will find favor.

There have been a number of things on hold depending on the outcome with immigration (like figuring out who is taking Micah Joy back to the States to start university). So in addition to praying for favor with immigration pray for clarity on how we need to proceed with all the things that have been on hold.

On another topic, I have fallen behind on my work on my PhD. Pray for God’s grace in getting caught up and for the administrative steps required to do this.

Lastly, there are a couple of things for which we praise God. First, last weekend we had a great time with our girls and all the kids for whom we are guardians. Second, we have a college senior, Gracie, spending five weeks with us experiencing life and Kenya with us. It has been wonderful to have Gracie with us. Below is a picture of our girls, guardian kids, Gracie and me.

Grace & Peace — Paul

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