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Work Permit Update

My work permit renewal has been in process for 16 months. ICM, ATS, Donna and I have been asking what is God’s purpose in this? Realizing that God could have other plans, we have decided that if our work permits are not granted by the end of the summer, then we will explore other options of working with ICM and ATS. Aging parents and kids transiting to adulthood are other factors to consider. We will share more as the Lord provides clarity.

2017.07.17_P&DI have also applied for another special pass so that I could teach classes while waiting on my work permit. It has yet to be granted. Donna and I are viewing this as an opportunity for me catch up on my PhD. Hence, I am returning to the USA this week with Donna and the girls to access better theological libraries.

Please pray that the Lord would accomplish what He wants. Donna and I have a peace about however this work outs.

Grace & Peace — Paul

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