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Summer is rapidly coming to a close and there has been no word on our work permits. As you remember from the last prayer blog, if our work permits are not granted by the end of summer, we will explore other options of working with ICM and ATS. God may be closing the door in Kenya as a means for us to be closer to aging parents and kids transitioning to adulthood or He may grant the permits in the ninth hour. Donna and I remain at peace about wherever God is going to take us.

Nehemiah starts a new job with Ford Audio Visual next week installing A/V systems. He is pretty excited about the new job. Micah Joy has settled into university life at Oklahoma State University and is doing well. Miriam is back in Kenya and has started her senior year at Rift Valley Academy.

Donna and I remain in the USA. I have been able to find all the remaining literature for my PhD while Donna has supported Micah Joy settling in and has visited universities with Miriam. We both have been able to spend some time with our families. I will head back to Kenya in a couple of weeks and Donna will return in about a month. We will either be returning to continue teaching or to pack up.

Thanks in advance for your prayers concerning our future.

Grace & Peace — Paul


The Cox Girls

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