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Letter from President of ICM about the Cox Family


After prayer and discussions with family, friends, and International Christian Ministries (ICM), Paul and Donna will be moving to the USA. After discussing options with myself and more discussions with the International Coordinator of ICM Africa, Rev. Stephen Mairori, it was decided that Paul and Donna will remain with ICM.

They will continue as teaching staff for Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) but based in the USA. This means they will travel to Africa in order to fulfill their obligations of teaching courses at the seminary.  While in the US they will also write and focus on raising scholarships for the many students needing assistance.

Being in the USA will enable Paul and Donna to help their children make the transition to college and university.  Growing up in Africa has been a blessing for the kids, but transitions are always difficult.  They will also be near their parents to assist them as they face the challenges of aging.

Both Donna and Paul play an important role in helping ATS move forward as a regional seminary committed to discipling leaders across denominations.  Your continued support for them and their family will enable them to carry on with their calling.  After 14 years on the field the transition to USA living will be a challenge so please remember them in your prayers as they make this transition and continue serving God both in the USA and in Africa.

If you are currently supporting Paul and Donna please continue to do so. If you are not supporting them please take a few minutes and ask the Lord how you might become part of their team!

Support Paul and Donna

Yours in grace,

Phil Walker
President of ICM

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