What's Happening with the Cox Family

November 2017

Lately we have often been asked “What's happening with you guys? We can't keep up!” Sometimes we have a hard time keeping up as well though we will try to bring you up to speed.

Hopefully you received an email from the President of International Christian Ministries (ICM) informing you about the changes with the Cox family (link to letter). After much prayer we have made the decision to stay with ICM though basing out of Texas, Lord willing, Denton to be more specific. We are still praying for our work permits to be granted to make going in and out of Kenya easier. The plan is for both of us to still teach at Africa Theological Seminary for two to three months several times a year. We would have additional responsibilities with ICM as well. 

We will still be raising prayer and financial support with ICM just as before.  If you are already praying for and supporting us, we would ask you to prayerfully consider continuing. If you would like to start supporting us you can find the details here. 
Support the Cox Family
Most importantly we ask for prayer support as we continue on this journey.
We have spent the recent days selling everything we own except for a few suitcases which we will bring on the plane with us. We are praising God that most things sold very quickly including our car! Please pray for the transfer of the title (or log book for our Kenyan friends) which has been complicated by the expiration of our work permits. Paul flies to America this week with a stop in the Netherlands for a workshop. Once in America he will be looking for a used car to buy, start the house hunting process, and begin settling into the new rhythm of work with ICM.
Donna will stay in Kenya until Miriam finishes high school, at Rift Valley Academy (RVA), arriving in Texas in early December. She will be busy finishing several projects and closing up the house. Miriam has enough credits to finish RVA the end of November. She will take a trip “home” to West Africa and then will join the rest of the Cox family just before Christmas. Paul and Donna are scheduled to teach classes in Kenya in June and July. Miriam will also return to Kenya in July to walk the stage and receive her diploma.

When we announced that God had closed the door to our living in Kenya full time we were a bit overwhelmed from the positive response from our American friends. Many of you told us that when praying for us you felt God was leading us back to America, one reason being for us to be near adulting children. Our kids have voiced that they want us to be where God would have us, but they are happy that God has led us to be near them for this season.

Nehemiah is in Euless, between Fort Worth and Dallas, working for Ford A/V installing audio and video systems in commercial builds. He is enjoying the challenge and positive work atmosphere. He is also enjoying doing sound at his church The Mission and having a RVA friend for a roommate.

Micah is loving Oklahoma State. She feels RVA did a great job preparing her for this challenge. She is involved in her church and The Table, a student ministry. Micah has a job at one of her favorite places, the library.

Once in the states Miriam will look for a job and a place to do outreach which she is passionate about. She plans on starting university in the fall.


  • Peace in the transition, even when it is hard and emotional
  • Most of our things have sold, especially our car
  • Special times with our community


  • We will finish well and start well being faithful to God's calling in the transition
  • God would go before us in the details of finding the right house, car, furnishings
  • The transfer of our vehicle's title to the new owner
  • That Paul's motorcycle paperwork will get sorted out so it can be sold, the story is long and complicated!!!
  • Peace in the uncertain times of Kenya's election process